We believe true friendships are the roots
which support our mutual happiness

We passionately believe, that happiness happens, when we share our time and energy to help the people in our lives. Our faith in these voluntary acts of kindness is what inspired us to build Shareneeds.

We Passionately Believe

True friends will gladly go out of their way to help each other


We believe in both random and intentional acts of kindness.


We believe in connecting in more meaningful ways with our family and friends.


We believe in the quality of friendships over quantity.


We believe in the value of engaging with our family and friends in the offline world first, because it's what makes us human.


We believe and care about the simple things in life, like smelling fresh wild flowers and making babies laugh.


We believe in web privacy and get angry when some companies sell our personal data without our permission.

Our Purpose

We want to help create a world where we all share a much better sense of awareness of the needs both within and outside of our social circles and where we are all inspired to act. We strongly believe this type of awareness when combined with acts of kindness will lead to stronger friendships and communities.

How It Works

You post your needs for your friends to see, and with a click they could offer to help. You will also see a growing list of your friends needs and you could offer to help them with theirs.

Every Need Counts

You will notice that we've built Shareneeds in way that encourages conversations around every single need. We think this is very important, since communication is the key when it comes to collaborating with friends to get things done.

Join Us

On this exciting journey as we strive to become better friends,
one need at a time.